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Derek Cochran grew up riding motorcycles. When the training wheels came off the bicycle he started riding mini bikes.  As he grew older the mini bikes would be traded for motorcycles.

Derek along with his wife Karen opened their first motorcycle shop in Silverton WV in 1992 "D&K Cycles". They moved to a larger location soon after in Ravenswood and then a few years later relocated to Ripley WV.

D&K Cycles became the first "Ural" motorcycle dealership in WV in 1993. Hack'd Magazine published a story about test riding the Ural sidecar motorcycle and D&K Cycles in Summer 1995 issue of their magazine. Jim and Chris Dodson owners of "Hack'd" became good friends.

He custom built his first new motorcycle from scratch in 1997.  He won first place at a dealer motorcycle show at Columbus OH and was published in May 1998 issue of "Easyriders" magazine.

Derek met Dave Hanlon (Co-founder of Excelsior Motorcycle Company) at a dealer convention in 1996 and rode his custom bike in Dayton Beach Bike Week parade along with the Excelsior motorcycle crew in 1997. 



D&K Cycles and ATV's